“Shawnee Ribbon Bets,” 1948, Charles Banks Wilson (1918-2013), Courtesy Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa OK.


Elder Assistance Reimbursement Program

The Shawnee Tribe Elder Assistance Reimbursement Program provides funds to assist with expenses incurred in the general welfare of elder citizens and purchases of eligible elder care items. Tribal citizens 65 years of age or older qualify for this benefit.

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kiwiitamaakonaaki hokimaaki

Messages from the Chiefs: Read the latest from the desks of Chief Ben Barnes and Second Chief Roy Baldridge.

Chief Ben Barnes and Second Chief Roy Baldridge

Golden Mesa Casino Expansion

Less than five years since the doors officially opened, Golden Mesa Casino and Shawnee Development are ready to continue building the biggest & best entertainment destination in the Oklahoma panhandle!


COVID-19 Economic Relief

COVID-19 Impact Assistance is available to adult citizens with funding made possible through the American Rescue Plan Act. The tribe will begin processing payments in October 2023. Application deadline: July 1, 2024.

COVID-19 Impact Assistance

Workforce Reimbursement Program

Through the new Workforce Reimbursement Program, the tribe will reimburse eligible expenses incurred in the pursuit of workforce entry or reentry, career changes, and other costs associated with maintaining employment. Citizens must be age 16 or older.

Workforce Reimbursement Program

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Feb 12, 2024

Retired Tribal Vehicle Finds New Home

15-PASSENGER VAN GIFTED TO GROVE VETERANS RITUAL TEAM  Last year, the Tribe retired a 15-passenger van from use. Rather than placing the vehicle up for sale, the Business Council found a worthy beneficiary in the Grove Veterans Ritual Team.  The Grove Veterans Ritual Team’s eleven members, including the Shawnee Tribe’s own Herb Adams (US Army, […]

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Feb 1, 2024

Living Languages Grant Awarded to the Shawnee Language Immersion Program

Miami, OK – The Shawnee Tribe’s Language Immersion Program (SLIP), received official notice and release of funds from the Indian Affairs Office of Indian Economic Development’s Living Languages Grant. The Living Languages Grant awards SLIP $280,200 annually for three years, resulting in a grand total of $840,600. The project period began on January 1.  “My […]

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Feb 1, 2024

Messages from the Chiefs

kiwiitamaakonaaki hokimaaki — Chief Barnes shares how his first years in office will influence his approach to his new term, and Chief Baldridge highlights the recent expansion of citizen services.

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Jan 30, 2024

Fire Safe Tribal Citizens Program Saves Quapaw Home

In early December, Ted Tate’s attic furnace caught fire while he and his family soundly slept. Thankfully, Mr. Tate had received smoke & carbon monoxide detectors and a fire extinguisher through the Fire Safe Tribal Citizens Program one year prior. “It was about 12:30 in the morning, and I smelled something, but I didn’t know […]

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