Clothing & Extracurricular Activities
Reimbursement Program

Program Overview:

Through its School Clothing and Extra Curricular Activities Reimbursement Program (SCECARP), the Shawnee Tribe provides funds to assist with reimbursable expenses in purchasing clothing, shoes, and required extracurricular items for primary school-age tribal citizens. The Tribe may also provide a Direct Purchase option for families unable to prepurchase school clothing and shoes for reimbursement.

Through SCECARP, eligible applicants may receive up to $800 of assistance per fiscal year for school clothing & shoes and up to $400 of assistance per fiscal year toward extracurricular activities expenses.

Notice (4/16/24)This program no longer has seasonal deadlines. Approved applicants may submit reimbursement requests up to six (6) times per fiscal year for school clothing & shoes and up to three (3) times per fiscal year for extracurricular activities purchases.

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  • Any Shawnee citizen enrolled in a state-certified Head Start or Pre-K through 12th grade educational institution or program, including homeschool programs.
  • Family income, location, or dual citizenship status are not used to determine eligibility for this benefit.
  • The school clothing allowance is to be used to purchase school clothing, shoes, or uniforms only.
  • Reimbursement for extracurricular activities purchases is considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Direct Purchase option cannot be used for extracurricular activity expenses.
  • We encourage all applicants to call our team before applying to get more details and learn more about the eligible expenses and the application & reimbursement process.

Required Documents
& How to Apply:

A complete application packet is needed for each child annually. Applications are processed in the order they are received and verified complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Complete applications include the following:

  • A completed & signed Application Packet, including a completed & signed school enrollment verification form
  • A copy of the student’s Shawnee Tribe Citizen ID Card
  • Original receipts demonstrating qualifying purchases (see receipt guidelines)
  • Proof of custody or guardianship (if applicable)
  • Supplemental Form for Direct Purchase Assistance (if applicable)

Receipts must meet the following guidelines to be considered reimbursable:

  • Formal, itemized receipts, including purchase date, vendor name/place of purchase, and the total purchase price, must be submitted for all reimbursable expenses.
  • Applicants must include the student’s name and Shawnee Tribe enrollment ID number on the top of each submitted receipt.
  • Expenses for only one child should be included on each receipt.
  • Receipts should not include other non-reimbursable items.
  • Applicants may submit multiple receipts for each student.
  • Printed receipts for online purchases are accepted as long as they meet the requirements above.
  • Handwritten receipts are discouraged but may be accepted case-by-case with vendor information and verifiable purchase details. The Shawnee Tribe reserves the right to reject any handwritten receipt.

Applications and required documentation may be submitted via email, mail, or in person at Shawnee Tribe Headquarters. Please contact Mikah at or (918) 542-2441, ext. 129 for assistance.