Meet The Candidates Running for Shawnee Business Council

Shawnee Tribe General Council Meeting

Saturday, September 18th 2021

8:00 – 11:00 AM / POLLS OPEN 


Temperature checks will be required of all attendees. 

Family Tents will be available for households to sit together. 

Masks, physically distanced seating, handwashing stations and bottled beverages will be provided.

An election shall be held at the general council meeting on September 18, 2021 for the following elective offices:  Fifth Councilman and Sixth Councilman to the Shawnee Tribe Business Council.

Meet the candidates and incumbent candidates below.

Fifth Seat

Monty Coombes (incumbent)

Hometown: Vinita, OK

Current City: Tulsa, OK

Occupation: Courier

Hello, My name is Monty Coombes. I am running for Shawnee Tribal Business Council fifth seat. I have held this position for the last few years. During my time on the council, we have made our tribe a bigger and better tribe. From getting our tribe on a good financial path to getting our casino out in Guymon, Oklahoma up and running. I grew up in Vinita,OK, but live in Tulsa,OK. I have worked for Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa for over 25 years. I have worked in the hospitality and casino industries. I am an Eagle Scout and a Value Award winner from Saint Francis Hospital.

I am seeking election to the Business Council to help finish what we have done for the past few years that I have been on the council. And to make our tribe a better tribe for the future of our citizens.

If re-elected, what personal qualities will you bring to the Business Council?

I have the knowledge of the hospitality industry and how it works (hotel and casino).

If re-elected, what issues affecting Shawnee Citizens do you intend to prioritize the most?

There are several issues that we need to prioritize. It is hard to put them in order or which one needs to go ahead of others. But we need our language, educations for our young tribal members, taking care of our elders, and saving our culture.

If a citizen has further questions for you, what is the best way for them to contact you?

E-mail me at or call 918-660-0099 and leave a message.

Sixth Seat

Lee Bluejacket

Hometown: Welch, OK

Current City: Bluejacket, OK

Occupation: Athletic Director, Teacher, Coach, Small Business Owner


My name is Lee Bluejacket, and I am extremely excited to be able to declare my candidacy for a council seat of our Shawnee Tribe. I am very proud to be Shawnee and am a descendant of Chief Blue Jacket, one of the greatest leaders and military tacticians in the history of our tribe. I reside in the town of Bluejacket that was founded by Chief and Reverend Charles Blue Jacket that was the grandson of Chief Blue Jacket. I am a long-time educator and currently teach at Bluejacket Public Schools, where I am also a coach and athletic director. I am also a small business owner, and with my education and life experiences, I will utilize my skills to promote and grow our tribe and our people.

The reason I wish to be elected is to be able to contribute to the success of our tribe and to help us grow as a tribe so the Shawnee people can be more prosperous in life.

If elected, what personal qualities will you bring to the Business Council?

The personal qualities I would bring to the Business Council are Leadership, Work Ethic, Business Mindset and most of all Passion. As our tribe and infrastructure grow, it is beneficial to have a person such as myself on the council that has the traits to achieve things for our people. With my educator and business background, I will bring an expertise to the council needed to move forward, and with my passion and work ethic, things will be accomplished, and I will not use the position just as a social hour or for status only.

If elected, what issues affecting Shawnee Citizens do you intend to prioritize the most?

The three top issues I would prioritize most are Education, Careers and Health Care. Shawnee people that want to seek an education through a Trade School, Certificate Program or College should be able to do so without putting a financial burden on their family. I see the major need to fill trade careers and these high-paying careers could be filled by Shawnee tribal members, and I will work endlessly to achieve this as it addresses two major issues with our people in education and employment. As an educator and small business owner, I have the insight to achieve great progress in these areas if given the opportunity to do so. There is no reason why society is begging to employ someone that can have a great paying career of $20 to $100 per hour and can’t fill it with a Shawnee.

The next issue is health care, and this is something that every member will face at some degree. I believe it is a shame to have someone on a contact health board approve procedures and deem whether or not it is a necessity of life. If a Dr. determines a procedure is needed, then it should be provided, period.

In closing, I have a passion for education and business and would love to have your vote so I can be in a position to utilize my talents to grow our tribe and promote the education and general welfare of the Shawnee people.

If a citizen has further questions for you, what is the best way for them to contact you?

I have an open door policy and will always be available to my people so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns. I ask for your support and vote at the General Council Meeting and if you have any questions or comments I can be contacted through email at: or Facebook messenger on my FB page of Lee Bluejacket or by text or call on my personal cell at 918-961-0239.


Lee Bluejacket

Roberta Coombes (incumbent)

Hometown: Vinita,OK

Current City: Vinita,OK

Occupation: Retired

I am Roberta Coombes, and I am running for re-election for the 6th seat on the Shawnee Tribal Business Council. My parents are Calvin and Elizabeth Dick. I grew up at White Oak, Oklahoma. I graduated from Vinita High School, then I went to NEO A & M in Miami, Oklahoma where I met my husband. We have three children. We were married for 60 years. J.C. passed away in 2017. I retired from Vinita Public Schools in 1991. I worked in the Indian Education Office for 15 years. I have served in the following organizations: Red Cross Board for Craig County, Craig County Genealogical Society (treasurer), National Association of Retired Federal Employees, Craig General Hospital Vinita, (VIM) for Craig County Retired Educators, and AARP nominee for the Shawnee Tribe.

I would appreciate your vote on Saturday, September 18, 2021. I would like to finish some of the things we have started.

If re-elected, what personal qualities will you bring to the Business Council?

To make our tribe a better tribe for our citizens.

If re-elected, what issues affecting Shawnee Citizens do you intend to prioritize the most?

We have a lot of issues that need to be prioritized. There is no way to say which one we need more than another. Our issues right now that we need to be prioritized are our tribal elders and education.

If a citizen has further questions for you, what is the best way for them to contact you?

They can contact me by email at

Brittany Hall

Hometown: Claremore, OK

Current City: Lawrence, KS

Occupation: Grant Coordinator and Adjunct Professor

Hato! My name is Brittany Hall, and I am running for 6th Council seat. I am Bird Creek Shawnee and great great granddaughter of Joseph Axe Washington. I was adopted at a young age and unfortunately did not get to grow up around our people. Once I grew into my adult years, I felt the calling back home. Now, we travel home frequently as possible to be with our people. I now raise my son in the Shawnee ways with our identity and have made this a commitment as a parent and in our community. I am an alumni of Haskell Indian Nations University, which I give thanks to for helping me find this path, by attending general council, ceremonies at White Oak, and the KC Cultural Preservation Sub Committee. Currently I have roles with Haskell Alumni Association, Native Staff and Faculty at Kansas University, Haskell Board of Regents, and adjunct professor at Haskell.

I want to help Shawnees move into the future and gain opportunities that our ancestors could not. I have experience working with diversified communities I believe will help contribute to building a culturally sustainable future for our children and elders.

If elected, what personal qualities will you bring to the Business Council?

Some of the personal qualities I possess to bring to the Business Council are my attention to details, my voice on advocacy, honesty, resilience, accountability, problem solving and my drive and passion for our citizens.

If elected, what issues affecting Shawnee Citizens do you intend to prioritize the most?

Some of the issues I would prioritize would be to help all citizens with the pandemic and the outcomes we have all faced. This could be from healthcare for all, mental health and overall wellness of each individual. I want to help ensure we have made sure all elders have been taken care of and first with their health and our Shawnee language. Then our focus would be the children to be the next generational leaders and everyone’s education.

If a citizen has further questions for you, what is the best way for them to contact you?

The best way to reach me is my cell phone and email at I do my best to respond as quickly as possible to help assist.

Mike Sears

Nickname: Mick

Hometown: Vinita, OK

Current City: Welch, OK

Occupation: Road Forman

I graduated from Vinita Hgh School in 1988. After graduation, I went on to welding school at North Eastern Vo-Tech Welding School. I became a welder and have been welding for twenty years. During that time, I became the Fab Shop Forman for Express metal Fabricators. Worked in Heavy Equipment Operations where I’m currently employed.

I want to preserve the Shawnee culture and Language for and children and grandchildren and help our elders however we can.

If elected, what personal qualities will you bring to the Business Council?

Honestly and Integrity.

If elected or re-elected, what issues affecting Shawnee citizens do you intend to prioritize the most?

Try to make sure our language and culture education programs continue.

If a citizen has further questions for you, what is the best way for them to contact you?

I can be reached by email at


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